Larry S. Scott

Date of birth: May 16 1946

Date of death: September 22 2013

Family is encouraged to provide an obituary or information that allows for an obituary to be written by our staff.

48 tribute candles have been lit

Candle lit by Staff at Crown Memorial Center Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by You were a wonderful husband, brother in law and son in law. Rest in Peace, we love you Larry.

Candle lit by Jay Gearhart Nam brother, thanking Larry for all that he did for all veterans. Larry ,your back to the real world now!

Candle lit by John N Tilson

Candle lit by Jim Strickland Larry is THE veterans advocate. He set the standards the rest of us will try to live up to. RIP my friend.

Candle lit by Elpidio M. Osteria May he rest in peace and thank you for all the works he has done for all of us veterans.

Candle lit by Leo Dougherty Larry's contribution to the veterans' community through his website VAWatchdog was invaluable. Larry turned the site over to someone who carries on his good work but he was and still is missed. May his soul rest in peace.

Candle lit by Don G. Votaw Thanks for all you did for us veterans.

Candle lit by Ike taffel

Candle lit by thanks for all that you did for vets larry may you rest in peace. bob gray

Candle lit by Bob Ford You did a great service for your fellow veterans. God bless you and your family.

Candle lit by Rest in Peace my brother!


Candle lit by Don Shults Your example inspired me, Rest in Peace

Candle lit by Thankful Vet RIP

Candle lit by Fran Lynch Larry was a pioneer in the area of veteran's issues. Thousands of vets owe him a debt of gratitude for the way he opened our eyes to the pros and cons of the VA. May he rest in peace.

Candle lit by sgr rc acosta fair winds to you my brother veteran

Candle lit by RIP

Candle lit by John Martin RIP Larry. Thanks for caring about vets.

Candle lit by SFC Retired Wendell E. Pruitt Finding Larry on the internet gave me the strength to stand up to the VA for both myself and other Veterans, Thank you Larry, Rest Easy knowing your working is being carried forward by many and shall never stop.

Candle lit by Air Cav 67-68 Thanks for all you did to help us veterans. Rest in Peace Larry.

Candle lit by JOHN C. BRUNGER, Specialist E-5, U.S. Army Larry's help and courage was immeasurable. I am a 100% drafted disabled RVN veteran. The information given to the veterans community because of Larry has been a blessing. God Rest. JMJ.

Candle lit by VN Veteran Larry, Thanks for all you did for all of us.

Candle lit by Patrick RIP and thank you for your service

Candle lit by C.F. LaFever What a man!!!

Candle lit by Lynwood Wilson Thanks for all your help and information that you shared with your brothers in arms

Candle lit by vnam6 You are now with all the Brothers. Help us find the way Larry. Thanks for all you did.

Candle lit by Ronnie Isaiah Smith he open a lot of eyes about the VA, an help a lot of Vets, he will be remembered, rest in peace Mr. Scott

Candle lit by James Booth Thank you for your legacy and sacrifice for your fellowman.

Candle lit by Mike McDonell Your good work for your fellow veterans lives on. R.I.P., brother.

Candle lit by Leroy C. Powell Larry was the Best!!

Candle lit by Pauley

Candle lit by Army 67 68 Nam Dave Johnson You have helped so many of us Brother....Our job is to pass it on to the next one in line...

Candle lit by Marv Meyer I can't thank Larry enough for his efforts helping veterans like myself. Rest in Peace, Larry.

Candle lit by Dale Howard

Candle lit by Michael G. Maurer Larry thank You for creating such an exceptional web site for Veterans to go to get help with their problems of claims and experiences. You will be missed.

Candle lit by Jim Thanks Larry

Candle lit by Dennis Hyltin May you rest in peace and thank you for what you did for vetrans.

Candle lit by Joe Kasper May you rest easy in the hands of our Savior on Fiddler's Green. RIP.

Candle lit by Carl K. Price I met Larry through I made comments over the years through VAWatchdog.Org on a number of issues. Sadness always occurs when you hear of someone passing away but then you remember that as long as you have the memories of that person they aren't gone. Larry left a legacy and Jim Strickland will carry it on. So take a moment and think good thoughts about a person who cared deeply for his brother veterans.

Candle lit by Sheila Cooper Thanks.

Candle lit by Elfredia Carter May God grant you his mercy(RIP)

Candle lit by Rory Gallahue Thank you Larry, may you rest in peace.

Candle lit by Charlie K Larry's web site and the information (then and it's successor now) has been invaluable in dealing with the VA. Without it, I would still be seriously fighting the VA over various problems and claims.

Candle lit by Raymond Adams Thank you for helping with the tools necessary to achieve justice, the V A needs to be held accountable, you shined the light and I benefitted greatly.

Candle lit by Rick Myers Thank you for being our "Pace Setter and Leader" May you Rest in Peace

Candle lit by Joel Miller Rest in peace, old friend.

Candle lit by Warren Winner, Specialist E-7 US Army / Signal Corps Thanks for all your support of other Veterans and your fantastic web site. Now you are "Dancing With The Stars" Rest in Peace my friend.